Sexual Health Education & Prevention

The Connectiut Center for Harm Reduction offers the following programs to address sexual health and prevention issues for communities throughout Connecticut. Contact us at 860-970-0944 for more information on any of these services.

HIV Test

Counseling & Testing

We offer HIV and Hep C testing services at various locations throughout Greater Hartford. Tests are free of charge and preliminary tests results are delivered within 20 minutes. Individuals are also provided with basic HIV education, risk reduction information and referrals as necessary. Appointments are mandatory (sorry, no walk-ins). To schedule a confidential HIV test contact us at 860-970-0944.

Testing Together

Testing Together is a new public health strategy that occurs when two or more persons who are in- or planning to be in a sexual relationship receive HIV testing services together (including their HIV test results). This service facilitates communication and disclosure of HIV status. It also supports linkage to HIV medical care, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and/or other appropriate services. (Source: CDC)

Appointments for Testing Together are mandatory (sorry, no walk-ins). To schedule a confidential HIV test contact us at 860-970-0944.


Our Prevention Team provides outreach in various forms. From grassroots, pound-the-pavement outreach to formalized presentations, our outreach team imparts knowledge on HIV, STDs, sexual health, general health, harm reduction and many other topics. Our outreach team also gives out informational materials, condoms and other supplies, in addition to making referrals for supportive services.

Linkage to Care

When a prevention client tests HIV+, our Prevention Team refers and links the client to appropriate care services. Referrals include supplemental HIV testing to confirm the rapid test preliminary positive, Partner Services, health care and other care services the client may need. The Prevention Team also follows up with the client to try to keep them engaged in care.

Female Condom Project

The Female Condom Project teaches female and male participants how to use the female condom, the benefits of the female condom and how to reduce risk behavior. A fun “Girls’ Night Out” empowers women to use condoms and teaches them the skills necessary to engage in safe behavior. For more information, contact us at 860-970-0944.


Nia is a six hour, two to four session, video-based, small group-level intervention. The goals of this intervention are to educate African American men who have sex with women about HIV/AIDS and its effect on their community, bring groups of men together, increase motivation to reduce risks, and help men learn new skills to protect themselves and others by promoting condom use and increasing intentions to use condoms.